We are a group of health students, and this Blog is created in order to discuss with all people interested in the subject of nutrition and healthcare. It seeks that through topics and opinions all those who enter our blog become aware of how to lead a healthy diet and lifestyle.

One of the ways to have good health is to eat properly, in a balanced and nutritious way, although for many it is difficult since the so-called “junk food” is the temptation of many for its flavor, but it is not the best choice to lead a healthy life.

The balanced diet is to eat all the foods necessary to be healthy and well nourished but in a balanced way, which involves eating portions appropriate to the stature and structure itself. For this we must have a complete, balanced, sufficient and adequate diet. Complete because it must have an integral nutritional contribution, not only proteins or fiber, it must have all the nutrients, balanced since the different groups of foods must be included to guarantee a good balance of nutrients. Sufficient to cover the nutritional needs and requirements of those who consume it and adequate to the nutritional state, health and age, as there is no ideal food that has all the essential nutrients for our body. Thus, each food contributes to our nutrition in a special way and each nutrient has specific functions in our body. In order to enjoy good health, our organism needs all of them in adequate quantities.

We explore all of this, and more, here on our blog. Thank for reading!