Why Almond Milk Is A Great Supplement

Why Almond Milk Is A Great Supplement

Vegetable beverages are bursting into markets around the world. And no wonder, given the benefits of all sorts. Almond milk is positioned as one of the most popular alternatives and is not only chosen by vegans or vegetarians. Do you want to know why?

Those who want a healthier lifestyle see almond milk as a natural substitute for cow’s milk. It is low in calories and fat, and has no lactose or gluten, which is ideal for coeliacs or those with intolerance. In this article we explain everything you need to know about this vegetable drink.

The most important

Almond milk, also called almond drink or almond vegetable drink, is made from ground almonds or almond paste and water, and can be used as a substitute for cow’s milk or even for cooking.

Being of vegetable origin, its fat and caloric content is low, which makes it ideal for slimming diets. In this sense, moreover, almond milk improves HDL (good) cholesterol levels and reduces LDL (bad) cholesterol levels.

Almond milk does not contain lactose or gluten, which affects many people who are intolerant to these ingredients. At the same time helps proper digestion and provides high content of vitamins and minerals: including calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin E (natural antioxidant) and B group vitamins.

What are the health benefits of almond milk?

The benefits of almond milk are many, but can be summarized as follows:

  • It is totally vegetable and natural. This means that it has no preservatives or additives or added sugars.
  • It is low in calories. It is even lower than cow’s milk (whether skimmed or semi-skimmed).
  • It improves cardiovascular condition. Because almond milk improves HDL (good) cholesterol levels and reduces LDL (bad) cholesterol levels and triglycerides.
  • Helps to a better digestion: Due to the high percentage in fiber and antioxidants, which protects the wall of the intestines.

Can almond milk completely replace cow’s milk?

The nutritional properties of almond milk make it an excellent substitute for cow’s milk. It even has several advantages over cow’s milk, such as fewer calories, less bad cholesterol (LDL), less saturated fat and less sugar.

However, in some cases, such as in children under 3 years of age, it is recommended to consume cow’s milk or breast milk if they are old enough to do so.

Can diabetics consume almond milk?

Among the different vegetable drinks available, almond milk is one of the best for diabetics. This is because it is the most natural, and its digestion is very fast, as it is low in calories and carbohydrates. On the other hand, minerals such as iron and vitamins A, D and E combat weakness and anemia.

Of course, a diabetic person should make sure to consume almond milk that has no added sugars or any other preservatives or additives. This could cause blood sugar spikes harmful to your health.


Almond milk is a drink with a rich nutritional composition and has numerous health benefits. In almost all cases it can replace cow’s milk and its low calorie and fat content is ideal for weight loss. This drink also helps to regulate blood cholesterol and have a good digestion, so start drinking it 🙂